“The sacred ever unfading flower of the Mexicas”

Amaranth known as huautli by the mexicas since pre-Spanish arrival is known to be as important as beans and corn for the diet and commercial exchange of the people of Mexico. It is a superfood grain that gave the ancient people of Mexico many reasons to consider it sacred. Not only enriched their health because of the abundance of vitamins, minerals and proteins of this flower, but also it enriched their culture both culturally and spiritually. As the brilliant red flower of amaranth survives to all types of weather conditions it made it a sustainable basic diet that had access through the whole year. It also inspired the Mexicas to create a variety of ceremonies and rituals around this magnificent food, which also caused Spaniards to underestimate this source of food. Some religious leaders tried to burnt and illegalize the fields of amaranth as the rituals were considered pagan to the church. Never minded, people of Mexico ran to the mountains where they were able to protect the seed and its future abundance as well as the rituals surrounding the amaranth benefits. Today, amaranth is still popular in modern Mexico. It is well known as “alegría” (joyful sweet), and is founded in almost every State of the country. Amaranth ceremonies are still vivid in modern Mexico as in the month of July in which the mexicas gather to dance for a whole day in prayer to Tlaloc, the rain essence. Their ritual becomes a form of prayer to ask Tlaloc for the coming rains. Before the dance a figure of warrior Huitzilopchtli (the essence of will power energy) is molded with amaranth call tzoalli and is carried during the dance to later be chopped with crystal knifes such as obsidian by the warriors of the calpulli (tribe) so it can be share with the community to enjoy the sweetness and receive the strength of Huitzilopochtli who will provide health and strength to survive the rainy season! Not to mention that this amazing flower is resistant to Monsanto’s pesticides and has become a nightmare “weed pig” for Trans-soya fields. Got to be thank you to mama earth for its wisdom!

  • Protein

    A percentage a little higher than that of traditional cereals

  • Lysine

    Amino acid is essential in human food, which is commonly more limiting in other cereals. It is of high caloric value, carbohydrates, fibers and mineral salts

  • Starch

    The main component in the amaranth seed is starch, representing between 50 and 60% of its dry weight. The diameter of the starch granule ranges from 1 to 3 microns, while those of maize are up to 10 times larger and those of the potato can be up to 100 times greater. These reduced dimensions of the amaranth starch granule facilitate digestion, which is 2.4 to 5 times faster than corn starch


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